1972–1974, MFA Sculpture, Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Ohio University, Athens, OH
1968–1972, BFA Painting, Ohio University, Athens, OH

Selected Exhibitions

Faculty Exhibitions, yearly from 1982 through 2011

“Neon Sculptures: James White,” solo exhibition, Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery, Pima Center for the Arts, Feb. 2011

“Biennial Glass,” Juried Group Biennial Exhibition, Tempe Center for the Arts, 2010-2011

Pima Community College Art on Campus, 2011-2012

“Radical Rides, The Art of Motorcycles,” group invitational exhibition, Mesa Contemporary Art at the Mesa Arts Center, 2011-2012

“Fish,” Group Invitational Exhibition, ASU Night Gallery, July 2011

Neon at Night, group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, Sept 2010

Totally in the Dark, group exhibition, Art One Gallery, Scottsdale, Jan 2010

“Print,” group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, 2010

“The Bed Show,” group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, 2010

“Hot Commodity,” group invitational exhibition, Braggs Pie Factory, Phoenix, June, 2010

You Look Fabulous, group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, Oct 2010

“The Empty Chair,” group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, July 2009

“Grand Delusion,” group invitational exhibition, Braggs Pie Factory, Phoenix, AZ, Dec 2009

“Fire in the Night” American Foundry Society’s Art casting conference exhibit, Night Gallery, Nov 2009

Inaugural Group Exhibition at the Night Gallery, Tempe, AZ, July-Aug 08

“Ornaments,” group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, AZ, Sept-Oct 08

“Vehicle as Art and Art as Vehicle,” group invitational exhibition, Night Gallery, Tempe, AZ, Oct-Nov 08

“Steam Punk,” group exhibition, First Studio, 631 N. 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ, Dec, 08

“Concreation” at the Night Gallery, 2008

Braggs Pie Factory Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ, 2008

“Illuminaughty” at Art One Gallery, 4120 N. Marshal Way, Scottsdale, AZ, 2008

“Deck” Pravus Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, National, Invitational, 2007

“Molten,” Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, juried/invitational, international, 2007

“Light Travelers,” Glass Arts Society, St. Louis, Missouri, invitational, international, 2006

“Molten,” Mesa Contemporary Arts Center, juried/invitational, international, 2006

Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA, invitational, international, 2006

“AZ Neon,” Paper Heart Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, regional, invitational, 2006

“Phototaxis,” ASU Neon Workshop/Museum of Neon Art/Step Gallery, invitational “Enlighten,” Subculture Gallery, Tempe, local, Invitational, 2006

“RIF,” Ice House exhibition, local, invitational, 2006

“Models and Mechanisms,” Ice House exhibition, local, invitational, 2006

“Phototaxis” neon art exhibition, Icon Gallery, Phoenix, invitational, national, 2005

“ASU Neon Workshop 1985-2005” Rezurrection Gallery, local, 2005

“Separation Anxiety” Ice House Arts, local, 2005

“Melting Point” Ice House Arts, local, 2005

“The Gun Show” Rezurrection Gallery, local, 2005

“The Last of the Iconoclast” Rezurrection Gallery, local, 2005

“ASU Street Medallions” Tempe Public Library, local, 2005

“ASU Neon Workshop Trailer Exhibition” Art Detour, Phoenix, AZ, local, 2005

“Evolving Light” (Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA, Invitational, National, 2004

“ASU Neon Workshop 20th Anniversary Exhibition,” local, 2004

“Show of Color,” Arizona Museum for Youth, National, 2004

“ASU Neon,” CAL State, Fullerton, Group, 2004

“ASU Neon Art Box,” Art Detour 2004, local, 2004

“Tucson Luminaria,” Winter Sculpture Exhibition, 2003

“Into the Light,” international Invitational, 2003

“The Speed of Dark,” Northern Arizona University, AZ, One person exhibition, 2002

“Show Your Metal,” four works, Museum for Youth, Mesa, AZ, Group Invitational, 2002

“Singled Out” California State, San Diego (international invitational)

“School of Art” Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa AZ (national invitational)

“Politically Lit” A Group Exhibition of Neon, Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA (international invitational)

“Traveling Light 2001” The Glass Arts Society, New York City, NY (competitive international)

“Millennium Reflections” Arizona Commission on the Arts Touring Exhibition (international invitational)

“Traveling Light” from the Museum of Neon Art in Los Angeles, CA, installed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (international invitational)

“Lost Wax Foundry Friends IV” Phebe Conley Gallery, California State University, Fresno; National Exhibition of Cast Metal Sculpture (national invitational)

“Y2K Neon Sculpture Exhibition” International Glass Conference, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Dec 1999

“Millennium Reflections” Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 1999

“Broadcast” Eagle Rock Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA, Nov 1999

“Museum of Neon Art Traveling Exhibition” Lima, OH, Sept 1999

“Exchange Exhibition” Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, Sept 1999

“Pieroglyphs” Deep Creek Summer Exhibition, Telluride, CO, July 1999

“1999 Glass Arts Exhibition” Ft. Lauderdale, FL, May 1999

“Neon” opening exhibition at Gallery 456, Mesa AZ, Jan 1999

“Traveling Light” Glass Arts Society, Seto Japan, April 1998

“Art with Light” Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ, Sept 1998

“1998 G.A.S. Exhibit” The Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA, Sept 1998

“Baseball Hits” Sky Harbor Art Program, Phoenix, AZ, Aug 1998

“Deep Creek Summer Exhibition” Telluride, CO, July 1998

“Contemporary Arizona Sculpture Invitational” Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ, Jan 1997

“The Second Annual Self-Illuminance Glass Exhibition” Glass Arts Society Conference, Tucson, AZ, July 1997

“Computer-Guided Tools in Art” Computing Commons Gallery, Tempe AZ, June 1997

“Baseball” Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ, July 1996

“In Other Words” Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ, Dec 1995

“Foundry Friends” University of California, Fresno, Dec 1994

“Rock Art” Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, 1994

“Museum of Neon Art Invitational” The Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA, Oct 1993

“Exhibition of Light” Old Pueblo Museum, Tucson, AZ, Dec 1992

“Arizona Spotlight” One-man exhibition, Tempe Arts Center, Tempe, AZ, April 1992

“Pouring from the Heart” University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, March 1992

“Terminal Four Neon Exhibition” Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, AZ, Aug 1992

“Arizona Sculpture Invitational” Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ April 1992

Teaching Experience

1981 – Present
Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Senior faculty in sculpture area

1974 – 1981
Assistant Professor of Art, Murray State University, Murray, KY
Head of design materials department

1972 – 1974
Teaching Assistant, Sculpture Department, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University, Athens, OH
Wood construction, plastics, studio foundation

Outstanding Teaching Milestones

Step Gallery, 1990-present
Concerned by the lack of exhibition space for undergraduate students at ASU, I was determined to find space for undergraduate art students to learn about and experience exhibiting—the other half of being a working artist. The Step Gallery became ASU’s first undergraduate exhibition space, established with grants I wrote which were received from the Phoenix and Tempe Arts Commissions. The Step Gallery began as exhibition opportunities of donated space throughout the Phoenix metro area. The gallery moved 10 times during its first six years, finally settling in Tempe Center as an ongoing ASU-funded undergraduate exhibition space that continues today.

Night Gallery at the Tempe Marketplace, 2008-present
Introduced visual arts, performance art and dance to the Tempe community through exhibitions by faculty, graduate students and ASU alumni. In its first year, exposed an estimated 40,000 visitors to ASU’s finest artist’s works. Viewers include families with young children, high school age students, people of college-age, and others of all ages and walks of life.

While not a course, the Night Gallery affords students (graduate and undergraduate) the opportunity to work in and install art in a working professional gallery off campus. The students’ involvement with alumni and the gallery public is invaluable.

Graduate/Undergraduate Mentoring Program, 2005-present
After a Herberger College faculty meeting where we discussed retention of art students in our program, I decided to set up a program where undergraduate junior and senior sculpture students were paired up with graduate sculpture students in one-credit hour mentor/mentee relationships. The program has been well received both by the graduate student mentors and the undergraduates. After completing several years of the program, I can say that the program, which began as an experiment, has been a success. Each graduate student writes a report on the experience and gives suggestions for the future of the program. The connections that are formed in this type of program are ones that just might last a lifetime, as well as help retain our students in their last few years at ASU.

Undergraduate Sculpture Retention gatherings, my studio, 2005-present
These yearly gatherings of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students and sometimes visiting artists afford students an opportunity to get to know other students in the program, and helps build strong relationships between the students and faculty.

ASU Neon Workshop Program, 1984-present
The ASU Neon Workshop was established in 1984 with an ASU Centennial grant. This program is one of five hands-on neon graduate and undergraduate programs at universities throughout the world. The Neon Sculpture Class of the fall semester becomes the ASU Neon Club for the spring semester each year. Most importantly, the ASU Neon Club organizes exhibitions for ASU students who have completed the neon course. The Club also raises money for supplies for the neon shop, continues interest in neon, and maintains the neon shop. The ASU Neon Club organizes two exhibition opportunities each year.

ASU Student Sculpture on Campus Committee, 2005-present
With a grant from Thunderbird Cylinders, this Committee chooses and funds student work to be displayed year-long on campus. A John Hadlock sculpture is displayed this year by the Dean’s office, and a Staci Stones sculpture is displayed by McAlester and University.

London Summer Art Program, 1990-1993
With another ASU art faculty, I participated in a program to teach art in London, allowing students to earn ASU credits while exploring the art found in London.

University Committee Experience

  • Sculpture Representative on the Executive Committee
  • 3-D Studio Representative on the SOA Personnel Committee
  • Chairman of the Faculty Exhibition Committee
  • Chairman of the School of Art Safety Committee
  • Member of the University Bio-Safety Committee
  • Member of the Graduate Studio Committee
  • Member of the SOA Gallery Committee
  • Member of the College Personnel Committee

Journal Articles

“Hands-On Neon” for the GLASS Arts Society’s 41st Conference Journal, 2012


Mesa Contemporary Arts Center hands-on neon demonstration, Sept 2012

Lecture, History of Neon Art, Phoenix Art Museum, 2011

Neon demonstration, “Light House” exhibition, Alwin House, Phoenix, AZ, Dec 2011

“Hands-On Neon” lecture and demonstration, Creative Cross Roads, Annual International Glass Conference, Seattle, WA June 2011

“Hands-On Neon” lecture and hands-on demonstration, Tucson International Glass Festival “Viva el Vidrio,” Tucson, AZ, Feb 2011

Neon demonstration, “Light House” exhibition, Alwin House, Phoenix, AZ, Dec 2010

Mesa Contemporary Arts Center hands-on neon demonstration, Nov 9, 2006

Neon workshop for California State University, Fullerton, October 21-24, 2004

Neon 3-day workshop for Northern Arizona University Sculpture Dept., Oct 17-19, 2002

Three-day neon workshop for California State University, Fresno, Art Department, 2001

“Illuminated Tube Wrestling,” Lecture for “Furniture 2001: A Cultural Odyssey, 2001

“Neon Sculpture Workshop” California State University, Fullerton, CA, Oct. 2000

“Neon Sculpture Workshop” Northern Arizona University, AZ, March, 2000

“Neon Workshop” Coronado School, Scottsdale, AZ, March 2000

“Neon Workshop” The Deep Creek School, Telluride, CO, July 1999

“Neon Workshop” Chandler Arts Commission, Chandler, AZ, Oct. 1998

“Neon Workshop” The Deep Creek School, Telluride, CO, July 1998

“Portable Neon” Aichi University of Education, Seto, Japan, April 1998

“Neon Workshop” Glass arts Society Conference, Tucson, AZ July 1997

“Neon Workshop” University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ July 1997

“Neon Workshop” California State University, Fullerton, May 1997

“Foam Vaporization with Ceramic Coating Casting Workshop” University of Charleston, Charleston, SC, Oct. 1992