Neon Workshops

Professor White presents neon demonstrations and hands-on neon art workshops throughout the Western U.S. using his portable Traveling Light neon equipment.

Demonstrations can be as short as one hour, though they are usually several hours long and may include several attendees trying their hand at bending tubes.

Workshops are usually conducted over several days. Workshops that include each attendee finishing one or more neon tubes are conducted over several days.

Presentations and workshops begin with the history of neon, including a discussion of the diverse artistic endeavors found in contemporary art.

The proliferation of LED light sources has led to a decline in the craft of neon sign production, and in turn, neon shops are closing by the hundreds across the U.S. It is important that we pass the knowledge of tube bending to the next generation. I believe that, in the future, this craft will only be practiced by artists, in their studios and in art schools, just as many other “lost crafts” are today (i.e., stone lithography, wet photography, carving, wood-turning, ceramics, weaving, lost wax casting, and soon, neon).

Contact the artist for more information and pricing.